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Mitch Ocean Ambassador, Creative 7 and Protector of Paradise

About Us

Mitch (Michelle) and Daniel are the creators of Protector of Paradise and Directors of Creative 7 Ltd.

As Photographers and Filmmakers in New Zealand and Brazil, they came to Fiji to set up business after many years of shooting here.

Mitch’s Great Great Great Grandmother was a chief (Adi) so her tie to Fiji is very strong and she has seen this paradise from a young girl before major tourism came.

Our Skills & Experience



Producers of Travel Show on Fiji

TVC’s, Tourism Videos


Publishers Travel magazines – DISCOVER Fiji Time..

Marketed Fiji for tourism operators and corporate clients all

over the country over 10 years

International website designer

Multi Media Experts

Ocean advocates

The Protector of Paradise Team

Mitch Stubbs profile pic, Protector of Paradise & Creative 7 Ltd

Mitch (Michelle) Stubbs

Creator of Protector of Paradise, Director of Creative 7 Ltd
Daniel Hadler, Creative 7 & Protector of Paradise

Daniel Hadler

Creator of Protector of Paradise, Director of Creative 7 Ltd
Taz (Tasneem) Hussein, My Fiji Store

Taz (Tasneem) Hussein

Web/IT Project Manager, Director of My Fiji Store

Why Protector of Paradise?

Mitch & Danial, Creative 7 Ltd, Protector of Paradise

We’ve done extensive shooting in the Fiji Islands above and below the water for Tourism, magazines and various other clients over the last 15 years.

We have seen the increase of plastics, the effects of Global Warming and just blatant human ignorance from tourists and locals in this paradise.

We see a lot of this stunning country that others don’t… we have travelled as far as the Lau Group and North to the popular Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands and the mainland. We have seen amazing resorts protecting their reefs implementing great programmes… yet across the bay the beaches are littered with plastic and pollution spilling into the mangroves and out to the ocean.

We have seen plastics on remote beaches and the need for beach clean ups, education for preserving mangroves,  education on preserving species, coral reef eco systems, sustainability in tourism business and local living.

We photograph and film stunning locations and nature in this paradise that is Fiji.

We wanted to create a contest and bring ambassadors from other countries and locals together on a journey of tasks to photograph great projects, marine reserves, sustainable businesses and see where we can help with marketing sustainable practises and educating on protecting species, corals and creating a better environment for generations to come. Hence the project Protector of Paradise was created 3 years ago and now we have 7 amazing Ambassadors to take this creative, environmental journey with us.

At the end of this trip we will create an Ocean Centre to house our content at Denarau Marina in a sustainable living creative learning gallery.

North kids Dan