When I first arrived in Fiji, our first trip was to a quaint cafe in Nadi called Bulaccino. Being a coffee-lover, I was very excited to try their coffee. I ended up getting their Niuccino since it makes use of coconut milk. I’ve never heard off using coconut milk with coffee before so it made me curious! It was very, ummmm, coconutty!

The next day we had our first meeting in Bulaccino and I ended up ordering their Eggs Benedict. I soon find out that they are one of the sponsors and we will be having a lot of our meals here.

We have practically gone through all the dishes on the menu and each Protector of Paradise has their own favorite dish.

I particularly love their stroganoff pasta. A fresh pasta dish with cream, mushroom, and chicken or beef. I think it reminds me a bit of home that’s why I love it.

Another one of my favorites would be their flat white coffee.

I am not much into the fruity bowls as they’re not a common breakfast food in the Philippines, but I have grown fond of their smoothie bowls called the Denarau.

I love the food in Bulaccino. And have found a deeper appreciation for their dishes when we got the chance to visit the Bulaccino Garden Farm at Votualevu, near Nadi. The owners Eileen and her son, Dirk showed us around the farm which supplies produce for their 3 Bullacino cafes in Namaka, Denarau and Suva!

They demonstrated to us the concept of farm to table by making us a traditional Fijian dessert made of coconut and cassava from their farm. They showed us how to peel and grate cassava. They also showed us how to crack open a coconut and shave the coconut meat to produce coconut milk. These ingredients were then mixed together and put into an open fire.

Around the farm, Eileen shows us how to crack open a pomelo fruit. We also tried fresh oranges and passionfruit from their trees. And pranked Lauren into trying a calamansi, a small, sour, citrus fruit.

After trying out a variety of fruit, Dirk showed us their honey bees. Unfortunately, we were not able to harvest any honey since they were not yet ready.

After our farm tour, we were invited back to Bulaccino where we got served the final product of Yamba-i-solo! Turns out it’s similar to the cassava dish we have at home, but less sweet.

You can check my short Bulaccino farm tour experience here:

It was awesome seeing Bulaccino farm and where our delicious food came from! Now, when I order my favorite dishes, I am reminded of the farm, nature, and the people involved to make that dish possible. Knowing that the fruits, vegetables, and meat that we were having came from their organic farm just elevates the dining experience.

Vinaka, Bulaccino, for taking care of us feeding us delicious, healthy and organic food while in Fiji!