On one of our free days, we decided to visit Malamala Beach Resort to chill by the beach. We loved having a break from our “work” as Protector of Paradise but conservation work never stops! The truth is we had seen some online footage of a sustainable business practice Malamala Beach Club had. They were doing a cool thing for the environment so we went to the island to check it out!

We arrived around lunch time and met Owen, whom we’ve asked if we could see the special machine they had. This machine they had would turn a glass bottle into sand! He agreed to see us after lunch so he can get the machine ready.

Protectors of Paradise with glass bottle crusher
Owen of Malamala with the Protectors of Paradise

Malamala Beach Club is the world’s first beach club located on its very own island. You can visit the beach club to experience their white sand beaches while enjoying a cocktail in their cabanas. They also have an infinity pool with a spectacular view of the Mamanucas. While visiting, you can enjoy a variety of water activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

It is just 25 minutes from Port Denarau so it is super accessible to everyone. You can reach Malamala Beach Club by taking vessel transfers via South Sea Cruises.

With thousands of guests visiting their island, you can just imagine the number of beverages that get consumed each month! As a solution to the rubbish problem, they invested in a glass crusher machine. Glass bottles from beverages like water, beer, and wine, are set aside. They are cleaned and dried, and then it goes through the glass bottle crusher. They crush approximately 1000 bottles a month and have crushed over 20,000 bottles since buying the machine!

Glass into sand!

After going through the machine, the crushed glass is mixed with concrete material to build structures around the island. Some are also mixed in with the actual sand. I thought this was a brilliant solution especially with the number of glass bottles we have been seeing around the beaches in Fiji when we’ve done beach cleanups!

Definitely, something other resorts should consider buying and using to reduce the amount of rubbish they have.

Malamala is definitely crushing it!