I have never seen Manta rays in the wild before so I was super looking forward to this our trip at Mantaray Island Resort.

South Sea Cruises
South Sea Cruises took us to Mantaray Island Resort .

After a restful night and hearty breakfast at The Palms Apartment, we headed to Denarau Marina at 8AM to catch our ferry. Mantaray Island Resort is located on the Island of Nanuya Balavau in the Naviti group of the Yasawa Islands Fiji. You can get here by plane or helicopter but we took the high-speed catamaran of South Sea Cruises bound for Mamanucas and Yasawas.

A warm welcome from Mantaray Island Resort.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the Mantaray Island Resort staff with a song and a refreshing beverage. We checked in and finally saw our villas for our stay. And wow, it was just amazing! The rooms were spacious and clean and come with an outdoor shower.

Enjoying the comforts of our rooms had to be postponed as we had to head out for our manta ray encounter. Atu who previously worked with Mantaray Resort gave us a briefing on how the manta swim would be like and what we should and shouldn’t do. He stressed the importance of not touching the mantas and not getting in their way while they are feeding in the channel.

We boarded the boat and quickly made our way to the channel where the mantas feed. You can feel the excitement in all of us. Within seconds of hitting the water, I spotted not just one but two mantas swimming at a distance! I was so happy to have finally seen them. These graceful creatures swim faster compared to my human legs even with fins on so they quickly disappeared from my view.

Check this awesome video by Blair of the Mantas.

We swam around some more waiting for them to go around the channel. Another snorkeling group arrived making it more difficult to get a clean shot of the mantas! At the last moment, just when I was about to quit swimming after them, one of the mantas did a somersault and headed right towards me! I was so psyched to have such a close encounter with it.

My close encounter with the manta ray!

This was truly a memorable experience for me! I can’t wait for my next manta ray encounter!