The mood was set. The vibe was incredible. It was midday Tuesday, the day we were heading out on the week long ‘Colonial Cruise’ with Captain Cook Cruises. Our luggage was just checked in and whilst waiting to board, we chilled with refreshments at a port view restaurant called ‘Rhum Bar’. Looking out port, i glanced at our cruise ship which was called the Reef Endeavor, how incredibly big it looked compared to the other boats I’ve been on.

MV Reef Endeavor


Boarding call was made and walking to the boat, I took to look at us and saw how amazing the atmosphere was; to be amongst like minding passionate people set with one goal; to help save the environment.

Protectors of Paradise


Getting on we were greeted with a big ‘Bula’ smile by Ilisoni, our guest relations officer, who welcomed us onto the cruise.


The last horn sounded and not long after the cruise had begun, setting course to our first stop; TIVUA island which was only 20 minutes away, Fiji time ha ha. It’s a small limestone island and is surrounded by reef straight off from the beach and is actually owned by Captain Cook Cruises. It is the first stop over but also is a great day trip destination. I used to work for a dive company that operated there 7 years ago and was eager to get back to see how the reef was, if the cyclone that hit Fiji 3 years ago had done some damage here as it did in many.

We got to the island and to my amazement saw a new jetty that ran straight from the beach out to the deep which meant that boats won’t have to the top of the reef to get to the beach, a great effort made by the business.


Tivua Island Jetty


We got into the water straight away, first we paddle boarded around which we enjoyed the beautiful warm weather then we refreshed ourselves with a quick snorkel straight after.

A drone picture of the jetty, the island and the protectors out paddleboarding.
Refreshing ourselves..


My thoughts turned out to be true as a graveyard of dead silted corals spread from the beach out to the ocean; the cyclone had hit the shallows bad.

dead coral from the beach


But on the positive note, there was evidence of new corals growing in patches which shows that the reef is recovering. So i am so glad that the jetty was implemented which gives the corals are better chance of growth and survival.

young acropora coral