Levuka, Protector of Paradise Fiji by Blair Monk. Port
Levuka town

At first sight looking out from the Captain Cook cruise ship it is hard to believe the small township of Levuka used to be the capital of Fiji. Walking down the main street it really felt like I had stepped back in time, with rustic wooden architecture, fading shop branding and peeling paint. If it wasn’t for the smiling faces and Bula’s, it could have doubled as old western town.  

Our guided tour through Levuka was filled with its rich history. Reading the memorial plaque at the site where the deed of cession was signed in 1874 making Fiji a British Colony I suddenly understood its historical importance and why Levuka is recognised as a world heritage site. 

The highlight of the day for me hands down was when we were passing one of the local schools where Hosea passed some kids his GoPro. The laughing, joking and smiling that followed was infectious and it was touching how happy and excited the kids were. For me it puts back into perspective what is important and how these days it is so easy to get caught up with material things and lose sight in the simplicity of what can make people happy!