Contest Rules

Please note YouTube and Facebook are NOT involved with this contest and have NOT endorsed the contest in any way.

This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with YouTube or Facebook.

Video entries are subject to the YouTube Community Guidelines – video entries which don’t comply will be disqualified.

    1. Video and Entry Form must be submitted from 25th September until midnight on 25th February 2019 Fiji Standard Time
    2. Video submissions received outside of these dates will be disqualified
    3. Video submissions must be no longer than 60 seconds
    4. If you become a Finalist you will come to Fiji to go on a 4 week scheduled trip
    5. International contestants need to get themselves to main airports centres listed to get flights we will supply to Fiji
    6. We will not be supplying internal flights to get to main airports
    7. Local contestants need to get themselves to Nadi, they will receive $650 FJD Travel money
    8. Main Airports we will fly International contestants from:     
      1. New Zealand – Auckland, Christchurch 
      2. Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
      3. Europe – London
      4. United States/South America – LA, Honolulu
      5. Canada – Toronto/Vancouver
      6. Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing
      7. South Pacific – Samoa Apia, Tonga Vavu’U
    9. Creative 7 will look after you in Fiji and create your itinerary
    10. You must provide your own travel insurance
    11. You must sign a waiver when you arrive in Fiji, taking on responsibility for any accident or injuries that may happen to you while on the Finalists trip. For all activities, you will be expected to fill the Activity Company/Organisation’s form taking personal responsibility for participating in any of the activities
    12. Contestants must be a minimum of 18 years of age
    13. Contestants need to be fit and healthy to participate in contest activities
    14. Contestants must be able to swim
    15. Contestants must have a valid Passport and be able to travel
    16. Contestants must be able to travel to Fiji as Finalists for 2nd June 2019 until 30th June 2019. If they win they must be available to come back to Fiji next year
    17. Contestants have to fill in an Entry Form on the website with all details completed as per the instructions
    18. Contestants must complete ALL steps on the Entry Form including following our social media pages BEFORE uploading their video. Failure to follow ALL our pages will result in the contestant being disqualified
    19. Only 1 entry form/video submission is allowed per person. For International submissions a couple can submit 1 video as 2 International winners will be chosen
    20. All videos submitted must be in English
    21. Contest is being run by Creative 7 Limited who will pick 7 Finalists from the video submissions
    22. Winners will be selected by a Panel of Judges in Fiji on the last weekend in June
    23. Winners will stay in Fiji until 5th July 2019 as a Protector of Paradise Ambassador
    24. No crude content is allowed, each video link will be checked by Creative 7 before final showing on YouTube and the Protector of Paradise website/social media/marketing platforms
    25. Any videos which are deemed crude or inappropriate will be disqualified by Creative 7
    26. Contestants give their consent to Creative 7 to use their videos on Protector of Paradise and Creative 7 YouTube Playlists, Websites, Social Media channels and Marketing materials during and after the contest
    27. The video submission must have the contestants presenting themselves to camera, showing their camera skills, their personality, their passion for the environment 
    28. Contestants must show us a bit of their own country or their travels
    29. Contestants must be able to take a photograph and make a video – these are vital skills required for the contest. Camera will be supplied by Creative 7 (contestants can use their own if preferred)
    30. Contestants will need to be prepared to Scuba Dive using underwater equipment
    31. The Resorts will provide food and non-alcoholic drinks for the length of the trip
    32. All transfers required for the contest will be provided
    33. Contestants agree to carry out Environmental and Tourism tasks throughout the contest as Finalists and Winners, creating content as directed by Protector of Paradise team to be used by Creative 7 / Protector of Paradise
    34. Contestants give their consent to be filmed for the Creative 7 TV Series
    35. Limitation of Liability. Under no circumstances will the Creative 7 /Protector of Paradise team/Contest organisers or Sponsors be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages of any form incurred by any person, whether or not foreseeable and regardless of the form of the act in which such a claim may be brought, with respect to the Protector of Paradise Environmental Tourism Contest and all activities undertaken throughout the contest