Environmental Tourism Contest

We ran a YouTube Video Contest to select 7 Finalists for Protector of Paradise Environmental Tourism Contest in Fiji. We have selected our awesome Finalists, they will be flown to Fiji for the next stage of the contest starting on 23rd May 2019!

Protector of Paradise can’t wait to showcase the beauty of The Fiji Islands. Finalists will take part in Tourism and Environmental challenges, sharing their experiences via Social Media. We have chosen people who care about the environment to come join us in Fiji to explore, adventure, blog, vlog, take pictures, make videos and feature in our TV series.

Finalists will have a once in a lifetime experience to travel around Fiji, try awesome activities, stay in amazing places, meet wonderful people and make a difference to protect our beautiful Fiji Islands. 

Key Dates

1.      Video contest closed on 25th February 2019 – 7 Finalists have been selected

2.      Finalists arrive in Fiji for 23rd May 2019 to begin 3 weeks of Environmental & Tourism challenges

3.      Final Event is held on 14th June 2019 – 3 Winners/Ambassadors are selected

4.      Ambassadorship starts 15th June 2019

5.      Ambassadorship ends 5th July 2019


Finalists’ travel, accommodation, activities and food during the contest are covered by Protector of Paradise and our amazing Sponsors, without whom the contest would not be possible!

Check out our wonderful Sponsors on their individual Sponsor pages, to see who they are and the unique Fiji experience they bring to Protector of Paradise Fiji. 

Final Event

Our Panel of Judges will decide which Finalists performed the best during the contest. There will be a Final Event held on 14th June 2019 where the 3 Winners are announced as our Ambassadors! The 3 Winners will carry on travelling Fiji until 5th July 2019.

3 Winners

The 3 Winners will travel Fiji until 5th July, taking part in some amazing experiences and visiting stunning locations around Fiji as our official Ambassadors. Winners will educate, share, carry out assignments and raise awareness of coral reefs, eco systems, plastic pollution & global warming.

The entire experience is covered by Protector of Paradise and our Sponsors.

Contest Rules

The Video Submission part of the contest is complete. Finalists taking taking part in the contest have given their consent as per the contest rules.