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Finalist, Protector of Paradise

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Bula! You know me as Atu Kele but it is short for Atunaisa (Atu..but ‘nicer’) Haha.


I hail from the far east south east of Viti Levu or the mainland as you know, on a village close to the river. Years growing up I’ve spent most of my time by the river, fishing or diving for mussels for dinner or even if I just wanted to go have fun. When I was 19, and still at college, I had been given an opportunity by my uncle (who was a dive instructor), to go try scuba diving. And it’s been more than nine years now since I’ve stayed. I’ve been exposed to the ocean (a bit more saltier water) and learning more about it. But also travelled some beautiful islands of Fiji.


However I have also seen how much pollution we’ve made throughout our beautiful Fiji, how we carelessly throw rubbish on the street, or from a car, or from a boat. Especially rubbish that is plastic which doesn’t decompose. Our Fiji, how beautiful yet now vulnerable it truly is, how we have mostly been the cause yet we fail to act more on it. So it is important to be made aware and also educate others so that we have more of a positive impact and yet save Fiji. Vinaka.

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Makogai Island

The island of Makogai was one of my favourite stops on the Captain Cook Cruise because of two things; the history of the leper colony and the newly established mariculture center. In the early 1900s, an epidemic of leprosy broke through the pacific to Fiji. Eventually under the British rule the Leper Ordinance Act of […]

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Tivua Island


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