Blair Monk

Finalist, Protector of Paradise

Blair’s Bio

Growing up in Auckland I was surrounded by water from a young age and quickly found myself drawn to the ocean. I spent my summers surfing, diving and boating, which is where my initial love for the ocean stemmed from.

After university, I began my career as an aerial cameraman, working on films, commercials, and wildlife projects, which further ignited my passion for conservation. I saw first-hand the detrimental impact humans have had on the environment.

I have been coming to Fiji regularly over the last 20 years and it holds a special place in my heart. Through that time there has been a noticeable change when it comes to plastic pollution, declining fish stocks and the destruction of reefs. I feel it is our responsibility to help bring about a change through education and awareness so we protect our environment for future generations. This is why I am so excited to be a protector of paradise!

Blair’s Blog Posts


At first sight looking out from the Captain Cook cruise ship it is hard to believe the small township of Levuka used to be the capital of Fiji […]

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