Lauren Badenhorst

Finalist, Protector of Paradise

Lauren’s Bio

My love for the ocean started when I went snorkeling for the first time, going underwater and seeing this whole new world open up was an incredible experience!

I discovered how much trash is in the ocean and how much damage we have done to our ocean!!

I made the decision to help clean up our mess and take steps to help the environment rather than harm it!

I live by the words:

Be the change you wish to see in the world’ (Mahatma Gandhi)


‘I am one, but I am still one, I cannot do everything but I can do something.’ (Helen Keller)

I try to be an example to people in taking steps to help the environment, and continue to remember that even the small change I am making is still a change.

Lauren’s Blog Posts

What it means to be a Protector of Paradise..

My love for the ocean, and my desire to help save it started when I first snorkeled, putting my head under the water and seeing this amazing world in front of me took my breath away. […]

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Luxury at The Palms

We were blessed to be able to stay in such a beautiful hotel on several occasions during our Protectors of Paradise campaign! […]

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Arriving in Fiji the first place we go to is Bulaccino for some lunch. […]

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Malamala Beach Club

What does a beach club on an island do with all its bottles? […]

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Tavarua Island

Most people come here to surf, we came to learn about the ways this resort is helping the environment and looking after their reef, and then surf. […]

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Korovou Eco-tour Resort:

Greeted with a song and a coconut with an eco friendly papaya straw!!! What a great welcome! […]

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Yasawa Island Resort and Spa

We get notified that there is a weight limit of 600 kg’s between the 6 of us, including body weight on this flight??? […]

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My first scuba dive

I was lucky enough to experience my first scuba dive in the awesome house reef of Mantaray Island Resort! […]

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Mantaray Island Resort

From one boat onto another, on board the South Sea Cruises Yasawa Flyer. […]

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Cruise Day 8: Disembarking

We arrived safely back in Port Denerau again. […]

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Cruise Day 7: Rakiraki

Starting the day off with a morning snorkel at the reef in Rakiraki. […]

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Cruise Day 6: Taveuni part 2

Have you ever traveled back in time? […]

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Cruise Day 5: Taveuni part 1


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Cruise Day 4: Savusavu

Pearls of Fiji in Savusavu […]

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Cruise Day 3: Makogai

Firstly let’s see how you say this word- Makogai (say Ma-kon-i) I have discovered that Fijian might be quite easy to say the words but writing them is a different story. […]

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Cruise Day 2: Levuka

Levuka is the old capital of Fiji, the first settlers who landed in Fiji landed on the island of Levuka. […]

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Cruise Day 1: Embarking my new home for the next week

Today we board the CAPTAIN COOK CRUISES Reef Endeavour on a beautiful hot Fiji day. […]

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Let the adventure begin

Leaving South Africa with a 29 hour journey ahead of me, the roller coast of emotions and thoughts going bananas in my head is a bit overwhelming. Is this competition real? […]

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Lauren’s Protector of Paradise video entry