Magen Schifiliti

Finalist, Protector of Paradise

Magen’s Bio

I am a Marine Biologist born in Chicago, Illinois. There is not much ocean in Chicago, so I quickly moved to the coast. After getting my Master’s Degree from the University of Western Australia I moved to Maui, Hawaii. I have been in Maui for 4 years now where I work as a Conservation and Education Director for an eco-tourism sailing company, Trilogy Excursions.

I have made my life centered in, on, and around the ocean. Therefore, I feel it is my kuleana (responsibility) to protect what I love. When not on the water I enjoy hiking, running with my dog, and exploring hidden waterfalls.

Magen’s Blog Posts


Plastic seemed like a great idea when it was invented. However, we failed to think the idea through […]

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Protector of Paradise

What does it mean to you to be a Protector of Paradise? […]

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Magen’s Protector of Paradise video entry