Magen Schifiliti

Finalist, Protector of Paradise

Magen’s Bio

I am a Marine Biologist born in Chicago, Illinois. There is not much ocean in Chicago, so I quickly moved to the coast. After getting my Master’s Degree from the University of Western Australia I moved to Maui, Hawaii. I have been in Maui for 4 years now where I work as a Conservation and Education Director for an eco-tourism sailing company, Trilogy Excursions.

I have made my life centered in, on, and around the ocean. Therefore, I feel it is my kuleana (responsibility) to protect what I love. When not on the water I enjoy hiking, running with my dog, and exploring hidden waterfalls.

Magen’s Blog Posts

Fun Video Edits

Some fun video edits from my month in Fiji. […]

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My Final Excursion

On one of our last excursions we traveled back to the Yasawa Islands. The Yasawa Islands are mostly isolated and were difficult to reach until 2002 when Awesome Adventure Fiji started a ferry service. […]

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Plastic seemed like a great idea when it was invented. However, we failed to think the idea through […]

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Protector of Paradise

What does it mean to you to be a Protector of Paradise? […]

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Magen’s Protector of Paradise video entry