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Vin Naicker

Finalist, Protector of Paradise

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Very early in life I had grasped the concept of “Spend on Experience, not things”. I think I took this too seriously in the recent times. For the last three years I have mostly traveled. I don’t make a list of countries where I would love to travel. Purpose is my driver and provider and that’s how I find my destinations. The world is a very big place so I am still at it. Interestingly as human we all behave the same regardless of the different places. If you come from a Country like Fiji, travelling is not a very common concept. On the other hand Holidays are more common.

My Journey began in the future. Literally. I grew up at a place that sees the first sunrise in the world. I guess that qualifies me to say that I am from the future. Just in case if you are wondering, the name of that place is Taveuni Island which is situated in the northern side of the Fiji Islands. I consider it a privilege having spent half my life at a place that kept me closer to the nature. I could gaze upon the stars every night, breath fresh air and eat fresh produce. At least 50% of the other part of my life is currently replaced by street lights, processed food and air. I mostly live in a City setting.

I am a creative person by nature. For some reason I am into movies and adventures that has not killed me yet. Thus these days I am taking pictures and film things that interests me. I still enjoy some travel adventures whenever I find an opportunity. Sometimes I get into trouble with my travel adventures. I still get questions as to why I left a very well paid engineering job and business opportunities! Well, I am perhaps a fool or I just don’t want to grow old thinking ‘What If’ I had tried what I dreamt about. Opportunities are endless with some Discipline and Dedication.

I am still on a journey. I would love to share that with you if it serves as an inspiration/motivation for you to try what you love. My name is Vin and I would love to see this world become a better place.

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