Malamala Beach Club is an Island that’s owned by South Sea Cruises and is well known to be surrounded by Fiji’s famous crystal clear waters and the world’s first beach club located on its very own island. Just 25 minutes from Port Denarau, you’ll find yourself enjoying the white sand beaches, beachside cabanas, a resort style infinity edge pool, and a view across the Mamanucas.

Malamala Beach Club from the sky

From their delicious a-la-carte menu and wide range of cocktail drinks, we were having the time of our lives chilling and enjoying each other’s company in the infinity pool. Malamala Beach Club also offers complimentary use of non-motorised water sports equipment for snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding. What better way to spend the day by snorkeling and paddle boarding above the crystal blue waters of malamala Beach Club.

The bartender preparing our cocktail drinks.
kayaking along the crystal blue waters of malamala island.
The famous Infinity Pool.

Malamala crushing it in the tourism industry.

The week before this on one of our day offs from the campaign, we decided to take a little trip out from the mainland and went scouting for reefs to snorkel. But somehow we ended up in Malamala Beach Club and found something about their sustainable business practices that they were doing In the Island. Apart from their wide range of activities that was happening in front of the beach Club, malamala was doing some pretty amazing work too for the environment. When we got there, we met up with a guy name Owen who was behind this work regarding a special machine that made sand out of Glass bottles. Wow! never have I seen a machine that can crush a glass bottle and turning it into Sand.

The Glass Crushing Machine

With so many visitors coming into the island and purchasing beverages, this simple crushing Machine has really been put into good use. The island crushes an average of 1,000 bottles a day and the sand product also gets mixed into concrete and helps to aid the clubs building efforts. Ever since they invested in buying the machine, they have crushed over 20,000 glass bottles within 4 months. The Glass crusher really does help in keeping the environment and the beach free from unwanted glass bottles. Truly an investment worth the buy for Malamala Beach Club and setting a good example for other outer island Resorts.

The team with Owen from Malamala ready to crush this problems away.

Malamala’s long T-shaped pier.

They say if you’ve been to Malamala and not jump from the long iconic pier, you’re still labelled as a person who has never stood foot on the island. So, we did just that. The team ran off to the end of the Pier, dropped all our bags and jumped off into the ocean. With our wet clothes still on, we boarded the south sea cruise and watched the sunset from the shores of Malamala. What an amazing fun filled day it was.

watching the sunset as we farewell Malamala Island.