Arriving in Fiji, the first place we go to is Bulaccino for some lunch.

Ready for lunch! Yum!

Being greeted by Eileen, the owner, who is so warm and welcoming was a great start to our journey.

Eileen has a passion for organic food and all the food served in the Bulaccino restaurant comes from her farm, this is great to know that it’s straight from the farm to the table!

Bulaccino Organic Farm Tour. Sponsor of Protector of Paradise Fiji
Bulaccino Owner, Eileen.

We had the opportunity to have a tour of the farm with Eileen and some of her staff who are very knowledgeable about their produce.

We were lucky enough to learn how to make Yabia-solo, which is a dessert made with cassava and coconut milk. Great experience cooking outside and learning from the chef!

I got to try shaving coconut, there’s quite the art to it but I didn’t do too bad, I don’t think I would get offered a job as head coconut scraper but I did well enough to use it to make the dessert.

Me trying to shave coconut

We also investigated the manderine trees and got to pick one and eat it straight from the tree, it was the sweetest, most delicious one I had ever tasted.

Eileen showed us her skill at peeling pomelo, this is a new fruit to me as I wasn’t sure if we even got these in South Africa? Later I learned it’s similar to a large grapefruit.
After Eileen skillfully peeled this pomelo we got to taste and enjoy it in the shade of the tree on a lovely sunny day.

We thought it would be fun to taste the kumquats off a tree too, we had a good giggle at the funny faces I pulled from tasting this sour little fruit.

The kumquat
Sour little fruit, NOTHING like the sweet pomelo we just had!

While I was admiring Eileen’s pineapples, I told her about my pineapple I was trying to grow back in South Africa, she told me it would take 2 years before it grew a pineapple! It’s gonna be a long wait for that one!

Organically grown

Eileen’s son, Dirk, is also very knowledgeable about his bees, I learnt some new things I didn’t know about bees.

Interesting facts about bees:

  • Drones are male and they clean the hive.
  • Female bees make honey.
  • Each queen bee has a specific smell,  if a bee comes to a different hive it will be killed because it doesn’t match that queen bees scent.

The views of the mountains from the farm are absolutely amazing, and will soon be used as a wedding venue which will make for awesome backgrounds for photos.

Beautiful views

After the farm tour we went back to the Bulaccino restaurant to enjoy the Yabia-solo we started our tour with.

The team enjoying the Yabia-solo I helped shave coconut for.

It was awesome enjoying many meals from this great restaurant during our campaign! Knowing that all the produce is local, organic and comes straight from the farm to the restaurant table made the good food taste even better!

Thank you to Eileen and her team for looking after us so well during our month in Fiji!