Today we board the CAPTAIN COOK CRUISES Reef Endeavour on a beautiful hot Fiji day.

Home for the next week

But before we board, we get some ice-cold welcome drinks at Rhum-ba this is also the venue for our final event. Well done to Rhum-ba for being eco friendly and having paper straws! It’s great to see companies trying to help save the environment!

Boarding the cruise ship we were greeted with a very big smile and a hearty Bula from the Hospitality director, and adorned with a necklace as is customary in Fiji.

BIG bula smile from Ilisoni

Touring the boat and finding our cabin was fun, the boat was big enough not to feel crowded at all but not too big that you were so lost and spend most of your time finding your way.

A great find in the room was a note in the bathroom telling guest about the Captain Cook Cruise campaign to be more environmentally friendly, so if towels don’t need to be washed daily then hang them up to be reused. Captain Cook Cruise commitment to the environment continues as they recommend passengers get reusable water bottles and refill them at the water station on board rather than using the plastic single use water bottles, so as to reduce the number of plastic water bottles in Fiji.

They also encourage passengers to pick up trash they see on the beaches they visit and deposit it at the bar on board for them to recycle.

During the safety briefing we were told that when snorkelling it is of the utmost importance that no one touches or stands on the coral reef, this is great to see that Captain Cook Cruises cares about the ocean and is educating tourists on each cruise to be more environmentally aware!
It is so great to see a big company trying to do their bit for the environment and teaching others to do the same.

Anchors up and we are on our way, first stop is Tivua Island, a small island owned and looked after by Captain Cook Cruise, for an afternoon of relaxing on the beach or enjoying some water sports.

First stop

The first snorkeling experience of the Protector of Paradise campaign was right off the beach on this island, so nice to see some corals, a blue starfish, and a sea cucumber.

Interesting fact about sea cucumbers- they ingest sand, filter and clean the sand, then excrete it cleaner than then it started. So sea cucumbers are important to the health of an underwater eco system.

The water was the perfect temperature so we didn’t freeze to death when jumping in! And the clarity of the water makes discovering underwater treasures much easier!

We had loads of fun in the water taking aerial groups shots while we were kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.
I was tempted to stand up paddle board because it looks like so much fun and I haven’t done it before but wasn’t brave just yet because it seems like quite a skill and I didn’t feel like ungracefully falling off the board and possibly loosing a top or something and making a fool of myself this early in the competition, there will be plenty of time for that later.

Finishing off the day with a beautiful sunset, a great start to the trip