Be the change you want to see in the world

Back home in South Africa I would have organized that my team definitely does a cleanup on World Oceans Day, but seeing as I am in Fiji on an Environmental tourism campaign what a better way to highlight doing your bit for the environment than by doing a cleanup with Captain Cook Cruise crew and guests on World Oceans Day.

But first… Let us appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and explore Taveuni, known as the garden island because the lush vegetation, abundant trees and creeping vines.

The garden island

After taking in this garden paradise on an easy walk through the lush greenery I begin to hear the roar of something mighty, I came across a magnificent full falling waterfall. The force of the falling water sends a light mist into the air, for the brave you can carefully make your way up the rocks to a cave behind the waterfall, and for the crazy you can take the plunge and jump off the rocks into the water just behind the falls, what a rush! When in Fiji, do as the Fijians do and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer.

Now to celebrate World Oceans Day, a tender boat full of eager volunteers headed out to the island to do a beach cleanup, the little bit of rain did not deter those that wanted to be the change they want to see in the world.

Plenty bags of trash were filled up in the short time we were cleaning, and the best part of it is the awareness the cleanup creates in each volunteer, often I find society becomes desensitized to the trash around them because there is so much and its been there for so long that you don’t even notice it anymore, it is only once you do a cleanup and you start looking for trash to pick up, do you see how much there is.

A cleanup will also create an awareness that will be present with you in the future, making you rethink choices when shopping or looking to support more businesses that are also trying to help the environment by reducing plastic. Cleanups not only create awareness in volunteers but also in the people who see you picking up trash, it makes them stop and think about the amount of trash there is lying around.

Tonight is Lovo (earth oven) night in the village. This is cool because it’s a meal cooked in a hole they dig in the ground.

As a South African we braai, and I would have loved to watch the whole process of getting the fire ready and how to lay the food out and how to cover it etc but we were short on time so we arrived just in time for dinner. Unfortunately no pictures for this one as my stomach decided to eat instead of document the occasion.. oops sorry, the food was good though!

We got entertained with traditional song and dance by the village children. Fijian villages are so welcoming to their guests, it is quite an experience visiting the village.

Interesting fact about Fiji villages, when visiting a village you can’t have any head coverings and your shoulders and knees must be covered too. So the girls need to wear a Sulu ( sarong) to ensure you respect the Fijian culture.