Have you ever traveled back in time? I have! We explored the 180° Meridian and learnt some new things about it.

180° Meridian interesting facts:

  • It’s the line that separates the east side from the west side of the earth.
  • It’s a different time zone on each side so if you time it right you can be in two days at once.
  • Fiji is the only place where the line crosses roads.
  • Fiji is one of the islands in the pacific to receive the first sunrise.

Taveuni had great water to snorkel in because it was so clear, and the coral reef was so colourful and alive with life! So many different varieties of fish to be entertained by! Every time I go snorkel I’m so excited to witness the life of this underwater world!!

So Taveuni was the spot I picked to try standup paddle boarding! 
So for those of you who don’t know, this is where you stand on a big board and use a paddle to gently propel yourself forward, so I know what you are all thinking, this is a bad idea, with my luck I am going to end up going head first into the water off the board.

But guess what!!!! I didn’t fall! First time doing it and I stayed on the board! I was so impressed with myself! It was loads of fun, it takes some brain power to balance but it was lots of fun!