Starting the day off with a morning snorkel at the reef in Rakiraki.

Let’s go snorkel!

We were blessed with two rainbows on the way to the snorkel!

One of the snorkel sessions I didn’t have any filming equipment with me so I was able to just observe and enjoy the spectacular environment without my focus being drawn to taking pictures and videos.

One of my favourite parts was just being still and listening to the fish, they have distinctive clicks when communicating and warding off predictors, it’s very cool, all this life under water.

I spotted some crayfish, many blue stars, lots of coral and cool fish. Once the snorkel session was finished I spotted a jelly fish which concerned me a bit, but he was alone and I just watched him a while and then I swam away, later Magen, our marine biologist ambassador assured me that he wasn’t a dangerous one so that was a relief!

The afternoon called for exercise with a view. We hiked up the mountain of Nananu-i- Ra.

This is how the gang started the walk together

What an amazing view and this is half way up.

Creative selfie!

It was great to see Captain Cook Cruises crew members being so helpful and making sure that passengers step safely and carefully on the walk.

Cruise members helping passengers on the hike

The views were spectacular!

Top of the world

And this is how the team managed on the hike up the mountain.

And then there were two

And of course I have to do a cleanup wherever I am!

Yip, I go looking in the bushes for trash!

Trash will be wherever we are, so if we all just collect a bit each time we are out we can make a big difference!