We arrived safely back in Port Denerau again. We were entertained by the staff singing an isa lei (say e-sa lay), this is a beautiful farewell song that wishes travellers well on their journey.

The singing crew

Illisoni, the hospitality director explained to us that there isn’t really an acurate English translation for the true meaning behind this song, but it is a combination of many versions of farewell, see you soon, well wishes, safe travels etc

Farewell, bon voyage and safe travels

Such a friendly crew on board! Loved hanging out with them!

Many happy smiles after a great journey on Captain Cook Cruises!

Big smiles!

Great start to the campaign!!!

We were lucky to have the opportunity to spend the night at The Palms.

Ultimate luxury

This hotel is absolutely stunning!

Getting some much needed rest before beginning the next leg of the trip.