Greeted with a song and a coconut with an eco friendly papaya straw!!! What a great welcome!

Awesome Adventures Fiji and Vinaka Fiji Volunteers have brought us to Korovou Eco-tour Resort so we can do some work in the neighbouring village. Elenoa from Vinaka Fiji Volunteers is doing great work with helping the local villages becoming more sustainable with rain water harvesting, etc.

This resort is eco-friendly and all meals at the resort are local produce, and are served utilizing all natural vessels! So innovative!

Onion layer to hold sauce and chips in a leaf, so clever!

We were lucky to get a coconut picking demonstration by ‘the human gecko.’ What an incredible display of human agility! And great knowledge about traditional ways!

I’m not that crazy..

Husking, opening and shaving coconut, he showed us it all and explained how every part of the coconut is used and nothing is wasted!

We then got a lesson in hat making , this was so much fun and a bit trickier than I thought it would be, but by the end of lots of laughs and giggles I had a finished and wearable hat made from a coconut palm!
The boys got shown how to weave the baskets from the coconut palms. This is an important right of passage for the young men, their fathers pass this skill down to each generation.

We went Nama picking (sea grape picking) with the ladies from the neighbouring village. In the shallows we could see an abundance of these sea grapes, the ladies of the village go out and pick these grapes to sell as a source of income. But these grapes are only picked when they are in an abundance.

We enjoyed a traditional lovo (earth oven) feast and got to see how the sea grapes that we picked earlier are prepared for a meal.
One thing I can say about Fijian hospitality, you will never go hungry, the meals that are prepared for guests are always enough to feed many, many people! The lovo definitely is a real treat and imparts a lovely smokey flavour to the food that is cooked.

We also had the opportunity to go with Vinaka Fiji Volunteers to the neighbouring village to visit the children and share our love for the ocean with them. We taught them a song about the ocean, drew pictures and showed them to care for the ocean by cleaning up rubbish that they see. It was a great day hanging out with them.

If we teach the youth to love the ocean then they will protect it.

Then to get back to the mainland we boarded the South Sea Cruises catamaran, the Awesome Adventures Fiji, Yasawa Flyer, this catamaran is so comfortable I had a nap on the way back.

Nap time!