Leaving South Africa with a 29 hour journey ahead of me, the roller coast of emotions and thoughts going bananas in my head is a bit overwhelming. Is this competition real? Am I going to get lost and miss a flight? Am I going to be stuck somewhere…. So many unanswered questions. So I take a deep breath and remember my favourite bible verse Joshua 1:9

When I need a pep talk

And remember why I am going on this trip to follow the words I live by…

Words I try live by

So the next stage would be an interesting one, as I had flown from Durban to Johannesburg then on to Singapore, I had checked my luggage all the way through to make my life easier, upon arriving in Singapore and disembarking the plane, normally I just follow the crowds because we are all going to the same spot to collect luggage… not in Singapore, everyone dispersed and I was left not knowing where to find my bag in this massive airport, so I asked the friendly lady at the help desk and she told me that my bag would be put onto my connecting flight…. I looked at her a little confused and asked…`but itself?’ she giggled a little in reply, I explained that I was from South Africa and we collect bags when we get off the plane and they would never make it to the next plane if it wasn’t part of the same airline, she assured me my bag would make it onto the connecting flight. So she told me to follow the signs to terminal 1, just to take the train and find desk C or D… Again I looked at her confused and asked, ‘the train?…’ and she giggled and told me ‘yes with a big smile’.

So I headed off in the direction she sent me and found a train inside the airport, really.. inside the airport! So I got on this train inside the airport and made sure I was going to terminal 1, after a short trip I arrived at terminal 1 and very easily found the counter C. And when asking the lady behind the counter about my bag, she agreed that my bag will be on my flight to Fiji with me, I spent the next 6 hour layover wondering if these staff were going to be right and my bag would arrive with me.

Touch down… Let the adventure

Arriving in Fiji 29 hours after leaving South Africa to a very baking hot day, if we thought Durban’s humidity was bad, we have nothing on Fiji AND its supposed to be their winter!

I’m told it’s the hottest winter they have had in 12 years, which isn’t surprising because I’m visiting the country and that’s just my luck to experience a place that feels like the sun is trying to make me burst into flames! Thank goodness for sunscreen and big hats.

If there was a bigger hat I’d have it

  I am pleased to announce that my reef friendly sunscreen works so well at protecting me from Fiji’s boiling hot sun!

One thing I can say about Fiji is that every person that you walk past greets you with a big smile and a hearty Bula (which means Hello/welcome) 
everyone in Fiji is very hospitable and very welcoming. Even the staff at immigration are friendly, normally as a single South African female I get accused of trying to come to that country to marry a resident and then live there forever, but this officer welcomed me, asked if I was on holiday and for how long, then told me to enjoy my trip and sent me on my way with another big smile, what an easy process.

Now the part we have all been waiting for…. Will my bag have arrived in Fiji on the same flight as me? Is Singapore as efficient as we think they are? The answer is an absolutely incredible YES! My bag arrived on the luggage conveyor belt, in tact, lock in place and untampered with, I am so impressed! Well done Singapore Airlines!

Greeted at the airport by a very smiley Dan and Mitch was a relief that at least they are real people and this competition is real! Lets get this journey started!!

Lauren, Ara, Mitch and Dan

Meeting the rest of the team in person was awesome because we could finally put faces to the names as we had been chatting for the months leading up to the campaign.
Sharing stories about our different countries and adventures was a great way to start getting to know each other!

Atu, Ara, Vin, Blair, Hosea
Lauren and Magen

Excited to see what this crazy bunch gets up to in the next couple of weeks.