What does a beach club on an island do with all its bottles??

The answer….

They employ a glass bottle crusher machine!

Malamala Beach Club has a glass bottle crusher to help them re-purpose the glass bottles from the bar at the beach club. They crush the bottles and either use it as sand to build up the island or at the moment they are using it in their concrete to use in their renovations.

This is a great idea as this beach club accumulates many bottles, they have already crushed 20 000 bottles in 4 months of having the glass bottle crusher machine!

The great environmental work being done at Malamala Beach Club doesn’t stop there, the staff also go out every morning to remove seaweed and trash off the beach that may have come in with the tides.

They also do coral replanting to help build up the reef surrounding their island.

Fish enjoying the coral

Another great step forward for the environment is that Malamala Beach Club uses paper straws, it is so great to see this beach club doing their bit for the environment!

This beach club also ensures that guests are aware of turtles that might be nesting and educate them to not disturb nests.

When visiting Malamala Beach Club on your own boat, you anchor away from the reef and their boat will come get you and take you to the pier so they can look after their reef and make sure no one anchors on it.

South Sea Cruises will also bring you straight to the pier at Malamala Beach Club, so you can enjoy the 25 minute ride from Port Denarau then they stop right at the pier to offload passengers so no danger to the reef at all.

Now that we have discovered the environmental good that Malamala Beach Club is doing its time to enjoy the beach club!

Awesome infinity pool to enjoy some cocktails in the beautiful Fiji sun.

Enjoying the awesome pool and view
Malamala Beach Club
Coconuts by the pool
Cocktails with paper straws!

Enjoy great food after a dip in the pool.

Work is done, we had some fun and now back on the South Sea Cruises catamaran back to Port Denarau.