From one boat onto another, on board the South Sea Cruises Yasawa Flyer. This is a luxury catamaran that goes to the Northern islands of Fiji, it takes about 4 hours to get from Port Denarau to the last point and it makes stops along the way at the resort’s to drop off and collect passengers along the route.

Cruising on a catamaran

There are great viewing points all over the boat. You can stand out at the front of the boat to see the great views of the islands. This is so cool but obviously I didn’t stay out there too long because the Fiji sun would try make me burst into flames, but the views were amazing!

So we are heading to Mantaray Island Resort, we are lucky enough to have three days at this awesome resort. This is an exciting trip for us because we have heard you can snorkel with manta rays! Something I’ve never even thought of doing!

Arriving at the resort we were greeted by a very happy crew singing to us in welcome. 

Welcome drinks and check in forms were done, all a smooth, organised process. Thrilled to be in a beach villa! It is so amazing, only a hammock and trees in front of me and then the incredible house reef right off the beach! So awesome!!

But first…. Time to see if the manta rays are in the channel, they feed in this channel because the ocean currents push the plankton here so this creates an easy meal for the manta rays.

It was an incredible overall experience, grabbing snorkel gear and heading out on the boat, jumping in the water with great excitement (we were lucky enough to go a bit earlier than the the rest of the resort), suddenly the skipper shouts ‘THEY OVER THERE!’

We jump in and start swimming, soon we see a dark image and there it is… Not one, not two but three manta rays! Wow, they are so graceful!

I swim and manage to keep up with one of the manta rays and it peacefully swims beside me until it turns towards me, and in my head I’m thinking, can this thing see me! I don’t know but I stop so he can swim past me while I made sure to get a video of him, or her… I have no way of telling if it was male or female, but whatever it was it was incredible, and I’m so lucky to have experienced it! 

After that the Manta rays made a couple more passes, our time alone with them was over because the rest of the resort arrived and entered the water, then it was every man for himself, cameras, fins, people in the way as everyone is trying to swim close to the manta rays to get good footage, it was all good fun racing back and forth, someone calling they here, then swimming there then following them till they dive deeper then they pop up over there and someone shouts they over here and everyone swims there, I’m sure it was a funny sight from the air, thank goodness we didn’t have the drone up.

The frenzy of snorkellers

Once back at Mantaray Island resort we headed into the water off the beach to explore the house reef, having the area protected by the Mantaray staff does help keep the reef healthy! 
There is an abundance of sea life and coral, it’s amazing!

I watched the parrot fish in this reef, which was very interesting. Do you know where the sand on the beaches comes from…. The parrot fish!
The parrot fish eats algae and bits of coral and excretes it as sand, so I hope everyone enjoys playing in the sand at the beaches, nice parrot fish poop! Enjoy! 

On day two at Mantaray i decided what better way to start a morning than a cleanup at sunrise.

Well done to Mantaray Island resort for their Eco stations!

These stations encourage guests to pick up any trash they see while out on their walks and throw it in one of the one ton bags along the beach. This is a great way to encourage people to keep an eye out for trash and pick it up to throw it away!

So well done Mantaray Island Resort!!