My love for the ocean, and my desire to help save it started when I first snorkeled, putting my head under the water and seeing this amazing world in front of me took my breath away.

We need to take more steps to look after this amazing underwater world!
There is so much to do to save the ocean, if we all did a little bit we could make a huge difference.

My inspiration that helps me continue trying to save the ocean!

I wanted to make a positive impact on saving the ocean so I started DURBAN BAY CLEANUP, organising to do monthly cleanups at the Durban harbour, there is a sandbank that comes up at low tide and all the trash collects on it. Volunteers go out to collect all this trash so it is out of the ocean! Each bag we fill is that much less trash that is killing marine life!

Having the opportunity to be a Protector of Paradise allowed me to live out my ‘save the world’ desire and be an example to others to join the save the ocean movement.

I’ve never been to Fiji before so getting the opportunity to spend a while month there was amazing, daily snorkeling trips and learning how resorts are doing their bit for the environment, it was an awesome experience! It was inspiring to see so many resorts and companies doing their bit for the environment!

Whenever I am out and about I pick up trash that I see. Often I find society is desensitised to all the trash around because there is so much and it’s been around for so long that people don’t even see it anymore.

After spending a month with me the other Protectors have adopted my approach… If you see it, pick it up, if you don’t see it then look because it will be somewhere!

Some initiatives that can help make use of plastic in a community is a project called Eco Bricks.

How this works is you take a empty soda bottle and fill it with clean, dry non recyclables like chip, sweet wrappers, plastic straws etc. When they are filled to capacity they become hard and can be used as a brick then cemented together to form a wall or any other structure. As long as the bricks are made from the same size bottle you can build anything.

This is a great way for communities to repurpose their non recyclables. It works great as school projects, the kids love getting involved stuffing the bricks.


  • Join cleanups
Two bags of trash less in the ocean!
  • Refuse the plastic straw
  • Use reusable shopping bags when shopping
  • Use reef friendly sunscreen
  • Don’t throw cigarette butts on the floor
  • Recycle at home and work places
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink
  • Eco brick what can’t be recycled.
  • Repurpose what you can.

Everyone can be a Protector of their Paradise by each taking small steps to help save the ocean. Do your bit for the environment and be the change you want to see in the world.

We don’t need a few people doing everything perfectly to save the world, we need billions of people doing a few things imperfectly, everyone working together is how we will make a positive change in the world!