We get notified that there is a weight limit of 600 kg’s between the 6 of us, including body weight on this flight???

This is the first time I’ve heard anything like that when flying, so I’m a little confused but I’ve had so many first time experiences on this trip that I figure I’ll just add that to the list of new things I’ve done.

Cant wait to see what plane this takes me to…

So during this trip it’s been quite the experience traveling from place to place because of carrying all our equipment. Being able to film in every location requires us to have many bags of cameras, drones, tripods, and underwater cameras etc, so this was going to be fun making sure we come in under the weight limit. But luckily managed to only be 4 kgs over so they let us in.

Walking out to the plane I realise it’s a very small plane so no wonder there was a weight limit. My first thought is oh goodness this is like the planes in the movies where you hold your luggage on your lap and chickens are running around inside. But I was very pleasantly surprised at how cool this experience was and I even got to be the co-pilot! Henry from Pacific Air was an awesome pilot and we had smooth flight the whole way! The views were absolutelty incredible!!

This flight answered the question I had before I left SA…. Does the water in the pictures about Fiji really look like that or is it edited??.. Can the water be that blue??? The answer is YES, it truly is that blue and all the different shades too! No flight could match the amazing views on this flight!

The landing looked like it was going to be scary because the landing strip was a grass one, but again Henry brought us down nice and smoothly.

Landing on the ground, we were greeted by the very friendly Yasawa Island Resort staff and given a beautiful flower necklace.

On the short drive to the resort we were given all the information we needed to know about the resort. Upon arrival we were greeted with coconut drinks and the traditional singing welcome by the staff.

This resort is absolutely stunning, real luxury and everything you could want in a holiday resort. So thrilled we were here for two nights! The villa we were lucky enough to stay in are amazing! Outdoor shower, sun deck, private cabana, hammock and the sea view is to die for!

Yasawa Island Resort provides water in the mini bar and encourages guests to refill it with the tap water as they have their own desalination plant so the tap water is safe for drinking, I love that they encourage guests to refill bottles rather than use single use plastic bottles, doing their bit for the environment and encouraging others to do the same.

Encouraging guests to reduce plastic

This resort has been a great help to the villages on the island, as the resort employs locals from the villages and all fresh produce used by the resort is bought from the villages this ensures that the local villages benefit from the resort being on the island.

We had fun kayaking and stand up paddle boarding in the waters in front of the resort, this still surprises me because there’s no breaking waves close to the shore like in South Africa, so stand up paddle is easy in these calm waters.

Yasawa Island Resort has their own house reef, with a cool channel between two rock formations, unfortunately this area of Fiji was very had hit by hurricane Winston in 2016 so a lot of the reef has been damaged, but mother nature is restoring the reef and you can see parts of the reef growing back so that is a great sign and shows the health of the water. The resort also protects the reef area by minimizing anchoring near the reef so this will help the reef be able to restore itself.

Mock tails and good laughs at the bar before dinner, then being lead to our table under the stars, what a treat! The Fiji winter air made for the perfect temperature when dining outside.

We had the opportunity to visit a school in the neighbouring village, we shared stories with them and taught them how we need to care for the ocean.
The great thing about kids is their innocence, they love easily, so if we can teach the kids to love the ocean they will want to protect it.

We got to go to the Sawa-i-lau caves, what a thrilling experience!
Heading up the stairs to the entrance then ducking down to enter the cave and go down the stairs towards the water.

Exploring these limestone caves, the first of which have open areas and tall out crops, some brave souls jump off the ledges, I definitely wasn’t that brave!
Then comes the time to move through to the second cave, only this time the entrance is under water! Yes, underwater, so that means holding your breath and swimming under and up into the second cave. I was pretty anxious at this point because I wasn’t sure how long the distance was that I needed to hold my breath, but the guides were there to reassure me and make sure everyone was safe in the caves.

They had torches so they could guide and help direct everyone because the second cave was completely closed so it was very dark, so the torches were needed.
After taking a couple pictures and enjoying the natural beauty of these caves it was time to head back out, this was easier as I knew the short distance it was to get out and again the guides were there to make sure we were safe getting in and out the cave. What a thrilling experience.

Then we were taken back to Nadi on the awesome South Sea Cruises luxury catamaran.

Traveling in style.

This is a great way to travel comfortably and for those that get hungry you can get chips, ice cream and an assortment of snacks and drinks on board, making this a very pleasent way to travel!