Solutions for Plastics, Ocean & Wildlife

Protector of Paradise Initiatives

– Clean ups on beaches, islands, mainland.

– Make jewellery from ocean plastics to raise funds for ocean projects and give income to locals.

– Come up with better solutions for recycling plastic from islands.

– Connect recyclers for bottle pick ups

– Connect recyclers and machine to help pick up more ocean plastic and make products.

– Get rid of one use plastics – such as straws

– Work with Minister of Fisheries to highlight endangered species and projects to help them re-populate.

– Highlight resorts doing this and looking after marine reserves. Re-seeding coral etc.

– Highlight sustainability programmes…ocean/land based that give the local people an income.

– Get more bins put in around Fiji and get corporates to sponsor them.

– Educate villages on plastics, burning etc

Plastic clean up

Portable Recycle machine

We will build a portable recycle machine that will make products out of ocean plastic that we collect as we travel Fiji on different clean up missions.


Educate locals in villages as we go through to clean up plastics, because as solutions develop, the plastic will have a value. It’s worth picking up from the beaches and the ocean.

We will educate our ambassadors on the different uses of recycled plastic and the damage it does to the ocean environment and the effect the micro plastics breakdown has on a lot of marine species, to the ocean environment.

Marine Biologists

We will take marine biologists on some of the trips to see if there are areas where coral could be re-seeded, Endangered species can be re-introduced like the clam project at Tavarua. We will explore different areas, reefs and beaches to see how polluted they are and clean up.