Fiji Ministry of Fisheries

Being the governing body that administers the sustainable use of our shared marine resources, the Ministry of Fisheries has the core role of ensuring that legislative provisions and its guiding policies are adhered to by its multiple stakeholders. These stakeholders include customary resources owners, the private and public sectors and the Fijian people that rely in one way or another on the vast resources of our ocean.

Jerry Tuwai with Ministry of Fisheries Fiji

Jerry Tuwai, Fiji Rugby 7s player, supporting the Ministry of Fisheries initiative to protect fish during spawning

Vast in ecology and scope, sustainably managing our marine resources has proven to be a hurculean task. Having an area that extends to over 200 nautical miles from its baseline, the Ministry of Fisheries has the responsibility of ensuring that its waters and its marine resources are managed sustainably while not leaving anyone worst off. This means that there needs to be a holistic approach in managing resources that are harvested for food and economic purposes. To sum it all up, important elements of science, policy guidelines, legislative support, resource personnel and finance need to be in place to address the growing threats posed on our marine resource.

Ministry of Fisheries Fiji planting mangroves

Planting mangroves to protect shorelines

Over the past, the impacts of climate change, pollution and unsustainable levels of exploitation have threatened our once pristine marine resources. This has continued till today. It is therefore urgent to collectively collaborate to protect our shared resource that is of cultural and traditional importance to Fiji and other Pacific Island nations.

Ministry of Fisheries Fiji

Minister of Fisheries Hon. Semi Koroilavesau working with coastal communities and Naiqoro Reserve Guard

The Ministry of Fisheries through it goals is determined to continue to “Manage, Sustain and Protect,” our shared marine resource. 

This is currently been done through collaboration with development partners in

ensuring that;

1. Enough science collected for better management options
2. Awareness is raised with communities through new and innovative ways
3. Aquaculture is improved to levels that provide alternatives for wild harvest
4. Work with coastal communities on improvement of livelihood through a sustainable approach
5. Address the rising threats of climate change and pollution by being the leading individuals for change.

Beach clean-up organised by Ministry of Fisheries

Through national, regional and international collaborative support, the Ministry of Fisheries is determined to continue to work towards achieving a sustainable marine resource for the current and future generations.

Minister of Fisheries Hon. Semi Koroilavesau at Tavarua Clam Conservation project

Minister of Fisheries Hon. Semi Koroilavesau at Tavarua Island Resort, supporting the Clam Conservation project

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