Out from the Islands and straight to the mainland. And where exactly do we stay? Non-other than the Palms in Denarau. We had such a warm welcome by the friendly staff as they serenaded us with songs and a Sarong as a gift. The Palms are owned by a very famous business family in Fiji known as the Punja family. As we got in, we were welcomed by one of the Families grand daughter named Sonia Punja, who got us checked in and made sure that we were all good and happy with our rooms.

The front view of The Palms Apartment in Denarau.

Well, to be honest, everything about the resort was fantastic. From the spacious rooms to the bathroom with a big bathtub and from the relaxing living room to the Bar kitchen, everything was so convenient, even a laundry room where we did most of our laundry from all the traveling around the Islands. Feeling hungry or just starting your day off, Cafe O is right along the swimming pool side and has a very nice setting. A great space to just chill or cool down on a nice sunny day.

Checking out The Palms Apartment in Denarau.

Not only the rooms were self-convenient, The resort is located right opposite the Port Denarau where everything you need (restaurants, shopping center, supermarkets, boat rides to the islands) was just a 5-minute walk away. So, if you are looking for a place to stay from all your travels, this is a place I would recommend to anyone who is visiting or travelling to and fro from the islands. If it’s just you and your friends or with your partner or the entire family, the palm is conveniently the right place for you to stay in and cater for all your travelling necessity.

The Port Denarau right opposite the Resort.
It looks like everyone is sleeping in my bed tonight. Thanks to the spacious rooms from the Palms in Denarau.